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07 May 2015 @ 12:34 am
Oh hello there, these days you come after midnight, is it out of politeness? Are you becoming... Considerate? By not bothering me throughout the day so that I can navigate and function like a free agent. Is that why?

No matter what it is, I am thankful. Although I wake up feeling so incredibly tired, it certainly beats distracting me THROUGHOUT the day, and the worst part is that you don't give me a chance to prepare:(

But I want to declare that I am now familiar with your ways, your dysfunctionality (or functionality, depends on how you see it) , I know how to keep you on hold when I need to, but I know how to let you go and let you happen as well and knowing subconsciously that nothing really, is happening because you will leave in awhile.

Is this strength, really?
I feel... Safer I guess. You don't scare me as much now. It's more of like... Ok ok hello there... HAIYO...