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26 March 2015 @ 08:21 pm
I got used to
The gnawing pain beneath my chest
Calling me to let them in so I am entirely void of rest

In the Solo of Silence
The orchestra became bored with the repeated stunts of
Simulated Beauty
When will the last note fall
To allow me to scream bully?

The darkness that loomed ahead is filled with your void
Massive mass of absence
Emptiness that brims over to
Drown one that has lost her breath

The ground beneath my feet collapse
My knees buckle
Putting a stop to the spiral

I realise you're just
Habit forming
Entirely destructive
Highly addictive

Malleable as me
Your curves and edges whirl into a complete blur in me
The Paragon of existence
my ultimate salvation
My unhealthy damnation